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Business Partner

Do you need an external coach who casts a fresh pair of eyes over your business? DAG support you in taking important strategic decisions. It will strengthen your position as an entrepreneur and you have all the knowhow and skills at hand for sustainable success. DAG has a professional team and strong references that may strongly improve your goal difference. As an Advisory Board we have been guiding many national and international successes. Are you curious how DAG may assist you?


You wish to grow with your team and promote to a higher ranking, but you lack power? Your growth ambitions cannot do without optimally using financial assets. DAG have a modern and an all-encompassing view on finance and insurance. We will help you to gain insight into your organization and numbers. We offer the best support from a large network of national and international banks and insurers. We will pull out everything to realise your growth. Browse our website to see how DAG can evolve the strength and state of your company.

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Who we are

DAG are different from other companies. We are not that conventional lonely guy but an innovating and professional team that time and again go for the win. We are an independent consultancy with a fresh look on working capital and credit management.