Enterprising Holland back on the map: that’s DAG’s mission

Our mission

The Netherlands used to be one of the best-known trading nations. Influential people from all over the world came to the Netherlands to learn the trade. We didn’t hold back in sharing our knowledge and even taught multiple kings and tsars.
DAG believe the Netherlands, including the Dutch entrepreneur, has lost its entrepreneurial spirit. We want the Dutch commercial spirit to become a worldwide phenomenon again. How do we want to achieve this?
By supporting the Dutch entrepreneur wherever it is needed. In the past years, DAG helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow, with positive consequences for the economy. Let’s make sure the Netherlands returns to an influential position in global trade.

About us

DAG are different from other companies. We are not that conventional lonely guy but an innovating and professional team that time and again go for the win. We are an independent consultancy with a fresh look on working capital and credit management. Our years of experience within several sectors allows us to realise the best solutions for our clients in a unique way. Together with the entrepreneur we look to find a stable basis for the long term and today’s possibilities. A DAY with only one goal: to make you excel in your business!

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Specialized in the following sectors





Employment and secondment


ICT service and service providers

Vintech grow-ups

Trading companies and importers

”We work together with banks, finance companies and insurers. We specialise in debtor risk and working capital financing.”

”By combining products and services and always thinking in terms of solutions, companies like to work with us.”

”Our team has learned the business within the banking, insurance and Flex industry and has been a successful partner for years.”