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DAG Academy

DAG are aiming at revitalizing the Dutch entrepreneur. Just like the old days when we were internationally known for our trade and shipbuilding. We want to achieve this by doing what we are good at: help enterprises grow. DAG have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to realise growth. And still this won’t be enough to become the most entrepreneurial country in the world. To accelerate this process we would like to share our knowledge with you to enable you to take the right steps as an entrepreneur.

Startup advies van DAG


Now is the time for start-ups: the economy is picking up, you have a good plan or idea and the Netherlands still offers an ideal entrepreneurial environment. The vibe of wanting to do it yourself, being original, build something up from the ground. DAG not only want to support veterans in this kind of arena, i.e., the experienced entrepreneurs. Young starters surely want to grow and have success as well. The young and enthusiastic who can’t wait to take part in the business and finally prove themselves.
By experience with a very extensive collection of current companies, we know which of the steps that you take in the beginning are essential later on. Which questions should you ask yourself and when do you benefit from adjustments or practical help. Make sure your start-up grows into a successful enterprise you are proud of every single day. Please contact us and together we’ll find the best ingredients for your success.

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