Advisory Board

”We will watch from the sidelines, observe your business and act as an external coach.”

Always be one step ahead of competition? Yes, you can! On a daily basis we are at the table with companies as well as train our knowledge. If you want to outsmart your opponent, we are the ideal sparring partner for the management. In a flexible way, we think along about important steps that need to be taken for the future regarding:

Financial processes and working capital

Credit management, risks and opportunities within the company

Operational processes and optimisation opportunities

Automation and innovation within communications and technology


Act a little quicker or bypass the opponent? You can always think of smarter moves in your business strategy. With auditing by DAG, you gain insight and you are one step ahead of competition time and again. We work with your team and translate our expertise to the growth of your company. We always work with a plan to enable an audit to lead to results. Clarity and tranquillity in entrepreneurship and support of the management in taking decisions. Think DAG audit expertise when you think of:

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Risk management and cost price analyses

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Compliancy to law and regulations

De locatie van Dutch Assets Group op de kaart -

ICT maintenance and strategy