”The right team players, right resources and organisation make a team unstoppable.”

When supported by the appropriate payroll organisation with care and advice, you are given an instant head start for profit. People are a company’s strongest asset and their knowledge and support will make your growth possible. The best team players are employees who are taken care of and who can work efficiently and with focus. Appropriate and efficient payrolling generate a win-win scenario.
The best party is a knowledge organisation which knows your sector. Who is always informed on the latest rules and regulations and knows how to apply them in a smart way. DAG are in touch with hundreds of flex companies and know which payrollers are the best in their field. We know which party can help your company grow.

Compliancy to latest labour agreements

Helpdesk for employees

On time payments

HR knowledge partner

Reservations for employees

Absenteeism control

Reintegration obligations

Holiday pay and entitlement

Employment contracts

Implementation of pension schemes

Payslips and annual statement

Collective invoices