Working capital financing

”You want to lift your team to a higher level but stamina is lacking to realise this?”

You only get to the top by using your entire capacity. By using financial resources optimally. Are payment terms not matching your cash flow? What are your outstanding accounts receivable? Financing capital for your business can release the power to go for the profit. The ultimate chance to realise your goals. A different outlook on financing.

Procurement financing

You want to be ahead of the game and create space in the field. In that case, trade finance might be a good option. The finance company makes money available based on sales orders. This ensures quick financing and you can reimburse the finance company later. Your ambition can grow freely even if you cannot (yet) pay increasing purchases. A real energy boost for your team when realizing growth.

Stock financing

Remaining stocks can be a huge capital requirement, an obstacle for your team. With stock financing you mobilise extra financial resources that have been put away in your inventories. This flexible form of financing will make sure you get extra room to do business and it changes along your inventories. Based on the height and composition of the inventories it’s determined what the height of the financing is. Furthermore, you have a chance to increase your turnover by purchasing in large and optimal quantities at suppliers.

Debtors financing & factoring

Outstanding accounts receivable have an important effect on the cash flow. They influence the flow of your business and growth of your enterprise. With debtors financing you’ll get the outstanding receivables paid directly, after review of your debtors. No standstill but directly onwards. This is how you bridge the time between sending the invoices and the receipt of payments. As a result you will have more grip on your operating capital. Debtors financing is also called factoring.

Werkkapitaalfinanciering van DAG - kracht en conditie om te groeien

Working capital financing & DAG


There are many different kinds of financing and many financing companies. DAG look over your shoulder and advise and realise the winning tactics for your enterprise.
Due to our extensive network in the financial world, there are always possibilities to get your team up and running again. Moreover, we are informed about the latest developments to ensure that you are never behind on the facts. With the right working capital financing of DAG you are right back where you belong, ready to rumble. Feel free to contact us for any information and experience for yourself how it feels to get to the top.