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HelloFlex is een klant van Dutch Assets Group
WePayPeople is een klant van Dutch Assets Group
HelloFlex is een klant van Dutch Assets Group


”Recently Edwin supported us with the management of our accounts receivable and factoring. Opened up his network in very short time, came up with very reliable partners to make our best fit. Since the first day I met Edwin, he has been straightforward and reliable.”

Bert Du Toy van Hees

Duvoor Media

”DAG have guided us on the refinancing of PeBa Personeelsdiensten. We are very pleased with the final outcome. Spearheads such as commitment, expertise and sound advice have led to a very good result.”

Bas Toonen

PeBa Personeelsdiensten

”DAG have helped us organise finance befitting our growth ambition. In addition, they have supported the set-up of a debtor system. The whole process happened smoothly and quickly. I would therefore wholeheartedly recommend DAG to others.”

Patrick Soeters


”DAG have guided and advised us on working capital. This has enabled us to achieve rapid growth that would otherwise not be possible.”

Mark van Beek

The Flowerman

”DAG are a no-nonsense organisation that have improved our competence. Their direct approach and specialised knowledge appealed to me in doing business with them.”

Marvin Glasius


”The collaboration between Wave Weed Control and DAG have resulted in successful procurement financing. We are satisfied with the cooperation with DAG. And more in particular, the short and efficient communication lines have speed up the process. It shows that DAG have a lot to offer.”

Erik Bretveld

Wave Weed Control

”DAG’s help with smoothing out our credit insurance and factoring. They came across very competent and they honour their commitments. I would definitely recommend them to our clients.”

Emile Bakkum

Personeel Service Twente

”We have asked DAG to help us refinance our debtor portfolio. We are very pleased with the informal collaboration. They are able to quickly respond to the process. It was a pleasure working with them. We will definitely recommend DAG to others.”

Marcel Kreté

J&M Personeelsdiensten

”Dutch Assets Group has advised and supported our Head Personeelsdiensten for several years. We know DAG as a decisive and reliable company. They have a very broad focus and an extensive network, assisting us in virtually every challenge in the financial field.”

Reza Gholami

HEAD personeelsdiensten

”The recognised consolidated network of Edwin Schaafsma from DAG and his trust in IOORS management have ensured the continuity & safeguard of our Agency Business in the Oil & Gas Industry. This has saved us time and significant costs in an efficient and professional manner. Now we can safely build a new future for the coming years.”

Michel Podgaietsky


”Edwin Schaafsma has arranged a financing programme at a bank for us. He truly did an excellent job. His way of doing business is extremely professional, and at the same time, personable and informal. Thanks to him and his extensive network, our business was given a genuine boost.”

Chris Jan Reitsma


”Edwin Schaafsma from DAG has familiarised us with the financial world. He has put us in touch with factoring companies and continued to assist us with a final decision and questions upon completion. I am very happy to have met Edwin. I never score anyone higher than a 7 but I will give him a 9.”

Pieter Loppersum


”From the very start we had a good feeling about DAG’s procedures. They explained how our company could achieve growth. We are pleased with the way the collaboration between DAG and Anetwerk has taken shape and will be further expanded, in the ongoing development and professionalisation of our company.”

Fred Wanmaker


”Dutch Assets Group go where no one has gone before. Traditional financers focus on problems. DAG focus on solutions. Very refreshing. They came up with a construction that enabled us to arrange financing, which was ultimately quite simple. A pleasant partner to do business with. Short flexible lines.”

Dirk Torn


”Thanks to the fast and effective intermediation of Dutch Assets Group, HTC Techniek has come to the table with the right factoring company and is currently working with them very satisfactorily.”

Sebastiaan Pot

HTC Techniek

”DAG contacted me by phone. Normally, I do not make an appointment so quickly but now I’m glad I did. So much in-house knowledge! They have really helped me to get on track, to deal with choices I had and will have to make, or rather should make, thanks!”

Simone Snijders


”DAG have been of great significance to us in the past months. Financial issues, as well as our insurance package, have improved under their supervision. Further plans to optimise aspects of our company are now in place to increase future results.”

Christa Roijakkers

don uitzendgroep